So treat it accordingly

One of the most complex things we come into contact with on a daily basis, a substance we don’t truly comprehend the meaning of yet when stripped of the unnecessary noise and boiled down to an expression we can grasp, is simply a series of experiments.

What is an experiment?The definition of an experiment is a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact.

Looking at life through the lens of experiments might seem absurd but provides a different…

My most engaging pieces are the ones which cause me the most pain.

A creation of mine

I recently published an article titled “I’m Not Ok”, an emotional piece on my thoughts and feelings surrounding my current position in life in addition to the level of my mental health. Upon releasing it slipped my mind to include the caveat, this article was written several weeks prior and wasn’t an up to date representation of my mental state at this current moment in time — my mistake. …

Welcome to The Ordinary Experience

The Ordinary Experience

Late last year I dived into podcasting. The urge to create stemmed from wanting to document my life while providing value to listeners through the learnings, a combination of my selfless and selfish tendencies. At its core I want to give individuals from all walks of life a platform to share their experiences and help others who might be in similar positions, showcasing that everyone has experiences and learnings which ultimately, indirectly can help others too. But, I also have a place where I could hear my thoughts. …

A Reflection on my Life

This is a long-overdue reflection on what I’ve learnt from 23 years of my life. It’s something I plan on continuing once a year for as long as I can or at the very least until the end of my time. All in the hope I can look back in years to come to see the growth of my mindset and how far I have come on my journey in life.

Get uncomfortable as fast as possible

All my life from the point I can remember I’ve sought out comfort. Whether it’s a warm bath over going out; taking the easier option when given the choice…

A thank you

Me and the YouTubers who changed my life

There are rare, fleeting moments in life, which happen by complete chance but leave you a slightly different person afterwards. It might be watching the sunset over the plains in Africa, watching the Northern lights come alive in the night sky; or it could be seeing your child come into this world and realising you’re now responsible for another human life. In my case, it was as small and spontaneous as two Youtube channels.

I was stuck in India for six months because of the pandemic and had initially started a yoga course. One that was not only going to…

December 2020

Welcome back to an episode of monthly favourites series… sorry its a bit late, where I dive into some of the objects, podcasts, experiences I’ve enjoyed engaging with this month. So today I want to talk about a Podcast episode; A Comedian and an App.

Podcast Episode — On purpose ft Matthew McConaughey

The Podcast episode is from a podcast called On purpose hosted by Jay Shetty. Who if you haven’t heard of is the former monk who has now found his purpose of making wisdom go viral. …

The sweetness of doing nothing

There’s a famous scene in Eat Pray Love. Julia Roberts American character, finds herself complaining to a handful of Italian friends in a barbershop that all she has done in her three weeks in Rome is eat and learn a few Italian words. In her eyes, nothing substantial, nothing genuinely tangible. Her Italian amici describe her, as an American “You don’t know how to enjoy yourself, American’s know how to entertain yes! But enjoy no!” (I’m paraphrasing). Then the whole shop goes on to describe how Italians are the masters of the sweetness of doing nothing, in Italian.

It’s like no TV show I’ve watched

Me at my graduation in 2019

I’m about 3 years into my 20s, just over a quarter of the way through what is portrayed as the greatest years of our lives.

I remember watching the show Friends as a child, not really understanding the nuances of the relationship that the characters had with each other, but it made me laugh, the same could be said about Scrubs. …

It starts with an understanding of what it is

Photo by Thom on Unsplash

Let’s be frank, the internet, the world wide web, social media are by far the craziest elements of human existence. There is this thing that isn’t tangible in reality but has the unwavering ability to hold a dominant level of control over our lives. An immeasurable collection of 1’s & 0’s, an extensive collection of wires, metal and glass, in addition to a language that allows one to talk to another and hey presto! You have the online world.

I guess to understand the online world you have to see it for what it truly is, behind the social media…

So you’ve come seeking the big-time question

Photo by Jeff Finley on Unsplash

It’s a thought akin to a broken record, continuously deciding to pop up throughout our lives, and when we think we have the answer it decides to throw a curveball and question it in a different light which blows our mental narrative right out of the water.

Let me preface this article in its entirety — everything discussed here is merely what I have tried, doing and planning on attempting in the future and I’m still forming my path.

Viraj Acharya

Just a guy on the internet, treating life as a series of experiments while documenting and providing value to others through my journey.

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